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Australian Garlic.
Organically grown.
Big on flavour.

Purple 'Toora' Turban garlic lovingly planted & harvested by hand by the Franklin River in Toora, South Gippsland.


Our garlic crop looking very good and currently curing.

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  • Garlic Bulbs


    PRICE PER KILOGRAM. Purple Turban hard neck, loose, medium sized garlic bulbs. Chemical-free. Planted and harvested lovingly by hand in the Toora hills, Australia. Full flavoured, less sharp. Store them in a well ventilated place. Will store 6 months.

  • Garlic Plaits


    PRICE PER PLAIT. Purple ‘Toora’ Turban hard neck garlic. Chemical-free. Planted, harvested and plaited lovingly by hand. Full flavoured, less sharp. They come with a string to hang them by.

  • Seed garlic


    Organically grown Purple ‘Toora’ Turban hard neck seed garlic of various sizes used for planting. Bulbs are medium to large and open with roots still attached. Some loose cloves.

Contact us for wholesale or seed garlic enquiries.

About our garlic

  • Growing

    No pesticides or herbicides used when growing our garlic. Biodegradable weed mat used for weed suppression.

  • Working the crop

    Sown, weeded & harvested lovingly by hand. The goodness comes from our rich soil.

  • The result

    Flavoursome garlic! Make sure you crush it before using to create the Allicin for health benefits.

  • Think local, act global

    Our property on the Franklin River, Toora was a virtually treeless dairy farm. Since acquiring the land we’ve planted 6000+ grasses, shrubs and trees.

  • I want some

    Order online and you’ll receive a box via Australia Post. You can also find us at most markets in South Gippsland.

  • Storage

    Store for 6+ months. Keep in a well ventilated area. Humidity at ~70% ideally. If one clove doesn't last the others will be fine (compartmentalisation).

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